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Tired of battling with the thermostat to cool your home effectively and get rid of all that humidity? Even if your current home air-conditioner seems to be working relatively well, chances are that it is using a lot more energy than our latest high-efficiency AC units. Blue Dot installs central air units for homes in Baltimore, MD that guarantee comfortably cool temperatures as well as energy savings.

A superior quality central air-conditioner not only cools your home efficiently, but removes the humidity effectively to avoid mold and mildew problems as well. In fact, your entire home HVAC system is responsible for your indoor air quality. High levels of humidity and poor ventilation or filtration often results in asthma, allergies and other illnesses.

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Our central air units for homes in Baltimore, Maryland from trusted manufacturers like Trane and Carrier guarantee trouble-free service.

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You may be considering the investment of a new furnace installation if

  • You looking to reduce your energy usage
  • Maintenance on your current system extremely costly
  • It is impossible to operate on your current system

Blue Dot can help you determine the most efficient and effective solution for your home. Our trusted, licensed technicians are all experts in the industry, and have the knowledge and experience to answer any questions you may have.

Our technicians will:

  • Listen to your air quality requirements in a heating system
  • Examine your home's floor plan
  • Analyze existing ductwork and insulation
  • and much more

Every family and every home is different; therefore, our system recommendations are tailored to every customer. We will provide you with various options and manufacturers for your system, such as Carrier and Trane, and inform you on the differences and benefits to each.

Since up to 50% of your home's energy costs may go towards heating and cooling your home, we will most likely recommend such things as high-efficiency equipment, programmable thermostats, or zoning control. Not only are many of these systems applicable for tax credits and utility rebates, but they will also save you every month in energy bills.

A high efficiency system will essentially pay for itself in utility savings over the life of the equipment

In addition, if you have:

  • Air Quality Issues
  • Moisture Control Issues
  • or if anyone in your family has:
    • Allergies
    • Respiratory Issues
    • Dry Scalp and Skin

We may recommend such things as humidifiers, air filters, and more. These items don't cost much, but they provide substantial benefits for particular situations and families.

When you have decided to proceed on the investment and your new furnace or heat pump system is ready to install, our courteous technicians will carefully install it in your home. They are extremely respectful of your home, belongings, pets and family, so they'll lay down carpet protection and wear shoe covers to keep your home and yard clean. After the installation is complete, they'll leave the area cleaner than when they arrived.

A new home comfort system will provide the comfortable environment and energy savings you've been searching for. Call 410-809-2124 today, or request an estimate from us online. We offer FREE estimates on new systems, and will schedule your appointment promptly!

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